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BPK Tech is an application development and IT consulting firm that came to its inception with the primary motto to deliver top-notch IT services. The professionals at BPK Tech thoroughly analyze your business model and develop relevant solutions for you that promise to aid. Catering to a variety of businesses, BPK takes and commitment-marked agile approach to managing your business through any kind of challenges that may arise.

Redefining the space of Dentistry with our innovative products and service offerings

The BPK Tech professionals have been dental industry-insiders for decades, so they know what businesses go through, the challenges they face and what works and what doesn’t. They comprehend your business-related problems at the grassroots level and come up with a tailor-made solutions accordingly. Be assured of our value addition in your solution.

Custom built solutions for the dental industry which can be deployed at scale

Whether you are a solo clinic or a large DSO all your needs to be a super productive and growing organization is taken care by BPK's Dentistry product offering -

  • How about navigating through hundreds odd insurance portals to verify insurance eligibility and write it back into your PMS? Imagine doing this under 20 mins for all your appointments! Know more about our Insurance Eligibility Verification product here

  • How about getting your KPI dashboard set up to measure your clinic’s productivity. We got it covered for you. Customization at your finger tip. know more about the product here

  • Revenue Cycle Management is dental industry’s biggest challenge in terms of managing your accounts receivables. How easy would it be to manage all the receivables from the payer and the patients in just one simple grid? Know more about this product here.

  • Would you like to have access to your PMS data through our Core API on the web? Let’s cut the clutter and give you the data you want. Know more about the product here.

  • How often have you wondered that you wish your practise had a bigger piece of the pie and attract more patients with the ease of modern day online appointment services? Keep your Practices’ branding and try our Online appointment system . Know more about the product here.

Our Products

Core API

Your dental practice runs efficiently and optimally when you start measuring every aspect of your operations and financial numbers. The source of single truth for any practice is it’s Practice Management System (PMS). One of the most requested data from the PMS that practices would like to leverage are the various KPIs.

Our flagship product which is the core to any other dentistry solutions to work is the CORE APIs. The data extracted from the PMS by the CORE API engine is leveraged in the data analytics, measuring operational efficiency and various other financial forecasting

KPI Dashboard

Your business can do a lot better with a dashboard and we are here to help. Managing dashboard has become more convenient with BPK Tech's advanced dashboard systems. All of your important data get stored in Azure's ERP and SQL server systems which are both fast and reliable.

You can track new patients, active patient ratios of production and collection per visit, total patients, account receivables, complete recall information, and insurance details. This real-time information enables you to optimize patient flow, minimize no shows, reduces recall rates, and helps you handle the unexpected

Insurance Eligibility Verification

One of the most laborious and resource intensive task that any practice has to go through is the insurance eligibility verification for each patients. The staffs at the Practice are overloaded with the insurance verification task which is highly manual and not automated. The manual verification is also prone to data entry errors. Most of the practices have also outsourced the work to developing nations to keep their costs down.

One of our beta customers was pleasantly amazed to see a 78% reduction in manual work on insurance verification after they started using Insurance Eligibility Verification solution by BPK.

Revenue Management System

We know it is never easy to keep a track of your revenues - especially when you have customers who make deferred payments. Motivated to be of help in revenue management, BPK developed an RMS that does the collection and counting for you impeccably.

As you focus on strengthening and expanding your business, BPK Tech's improved RMS can effectively manage all your inflows and outflows of income. You feed the data and our accounting software does the job for you in a manner that is rapid and reliable. This system helps to measure the due amount from patient billing and insurance claims.

Online Appointment System

Every Practice ensures they never miss a patient who could have been a potential customer only if someone at the clinic had not missed spotting one or even worse is where the patients are not even aware of your practices’ existance. How bad could this be for your practice?

Enter Online Appointment System for your practices. Sign up with just a simple set up, the world is your play field. You can have your patients new and the existing ones alike have access to your Dentists’ schedule, availability and various procedures provided by your clinic any time of the day or any day of the week 24×7!


HIPAA regulations for healthcare industry mandates the dental practices adhere to certain set of compliance.

BPK Tech Comply Cert product makes it easier with a checklist for your practice to be ready for your compliance audit or understand your compliance score before the audit so that you can ensure corrective measures.

The aim of the product is to ensure there is a history of compliance audit and action taken to re-mediate the audit findings.

Our Services

Custom Application Solution

We have comprehensive experience that allows us to cater to all companies from across industries with diverse app needs. With our attention to your business details and vast technical expertise, we promise to deliver winning solutions that bring results you need. Whether you want an optimized mobile app, website, or software that does your job with utter flair, BPK Tech is here for your assistance. We understand that having a responsive online platform is important. Our inventory of services takes you from 'a' to 'z' when it comes to streamlining your business online.

Patient Reminder System

Give your patients extra convenience with communication to an entirely new level. With out PRS, you can remind your patients about their upcoming appointments with personalized and customizable email, text, and phone call appointment reminders fit right to their communication preference. With email, text messages, and phone calls, our automated appointment reminder software helps you to get in touch with your patients the way they like to be contacted

Dynamic Services

BPK Tech's 360 degrees solutions also include appointment management, auditing and compliance services, and insurance verification. When you have BPK Tech's advanced systems taking care of your non-core work, you can circle your attention on core business activities that will help you gain enhanced control and efficiency.

Automation Technology

In case your business is resource-intensive and mentally-taxing, you can count on us to effectively share your workload using our improved automation technologies. We employ technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to smoothen and quicken your business processes.

Disaster Communication

We have got your back in an emergency. The tech solution our team has developed allows you to communicate with all your branches in case of an emergency. The disaster communication system may help keep your crucial data and precious employees safe in an unfortunate event.

Meet Our Team

Tremendous minds rarely come together and if they do there has to be a transformative thought to unite them. For BPK the case of rarity is true! The most talented set of people in the industry have joined forces to help businesses – small or big – sustain the gushes of unpredictability and cut-throat competition.


Meet our team of leaders who work relentlessly to bring enhancement in business technology each day bit by bit

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The impactful performance that our products and services deliver often has ardent praisers. Over the recent years, we have developed a formidable customer base on the strength of quality and commitment we promise.

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