Online Appointment System

Every Practice ensures they never miss a patient who could have been a potential customer only if someone at the clinic had not missed spotting one or even worse is where the patients are not even aware of your practices’ existance. How bad could this be for your practice?

Enter Online Appointment System for your practices. Sign up with just a simple set up, the world is your play field. You can have your patients new and the existing ones alike have access to your Dentists’ schedule, availability and various procedures provided by your clinic any time of the day or any day of the week 24×7!

It takes away the human intervention to manage your patient’s appointment, manage your dentists’ schedule etc. The online appointment system provides an easy way for the patients to book their appointments online 24×7 from anywhere any time. The front desk person at the clinic can manage these appointments and configure it to be pushed to the PMS automatically or put them to the PMS manually based on any specific business rule.

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