Before welcoming 2021,the ONE major thing you must do for your practice’s growth!

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The world is experiencing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. And nevertheless, to say, the dental practice owners are highly facing several challenges due to the unexpected pandemic situation. So, it’s always better to create a plan of action for 2021 before beginning the new year.

You just need to pause and look backRemember,2021 is the year to create an action plan to achieve them! So, how are you supposed to track all your dental practice’s metrics?

The main goal here is to figure out what worked, what didn’t, and what you need to adjust to make sure that you shouldn’t make the same mistakes next year. Most importantly, how do you make sure the new year will be better?

This self-assessment about your dental practice requires just one major ingredient: Brutal honesty.

Well, you can start by looking at your dental practice’s metrics. Because dental metrics help you to hold yourself accountable because numbers never lie. So, take a look at your numbers in 2020 for new patients, production, and collections.

You must also consider:
  • Active Patient Count,
  • Number of New Patients per daily/Month,
  • Case Acceptance Rate, and
  • Collections Percentage.
Now ask yourself:
  • Did you meet your goal for each area? If not, make it a high priority in 2021.

With BPK Tech’s custom dashboard and KPIs, you’ll be able to easily check production, collection, patient visits, A/R, and many more in one place. These eight KPIs give you a snapshot of how you’re doing in each area. You can easily find where you need to make changes and what you can do to improve. Drilling down to these types of numbers and setting expectations for each KPI helps you grow your practice.

The bottom line: The end of the year is your chance to hit the reset button. Take a self-assessment, recognize your mistakes, and improve. Move on. Don’t look back.

Set your 2021 goals:

  • Is your dental practice prepared for a successful and stress-free year-end?
  • What is the number you need to produce on a monthly basis? Then break that down weekly and daily for individual goals.
  • The best part about January is that it is a new beginning for a successful practice. You can learn from the past year and gear up to improve. Now, follow this list to plan out a successful 2021.



Well, it’s that time of year: Analyze all your metrics. Design a specific plan for your practice’s success. Be empowered. And then start your practice off with a few specific goals and believe us, you’ll set the pace for a prosperous 2021 perfectly!

Here’s to a great and productive 2021 for you and your practice! We wish you a very Happy New Year, in advance!

We want to help your dental practice succeed with our custom dashboard.  Schedule a free demo and learn how BPK Tech’s custom software solutions are the perfect choice for your practice management. Or you can download our case study and master KPI metrics to measure your practice growth.

Is there anything we can help with, or take off your plate? Reach us out.


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