Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Tremendous minds rarely come together and if they do there has to be a transformative thought to unite them. For BPK the case of rarity is true! The most talented set of people in the industry have joined forces to help businesses – small or big – sustain the gushes of unpredictability and cut-throat competition.

Meet our team of leaders who work relentlessly to bring enhancement in business technology each day bit by bit :

Rajeev Bhatia

Chief Executive Officer

Nagraj Prabhu M

Chief Operating Officer

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Employees across 3 Locations (US, Canada and India)
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Our Mission

Our MISSION is to build innovative technology solutions that empower our customers by using our deep technical expertise

Our Vision

Our VISION is to be an innovative company where our customers accomplish their goals through our value-added services, people and solutions.

BPK Tech Story

The spirit of BPK Technologies culture mirrors how we treat our customers.

We are One Team and One Family

Our clients are our priority as much as our employees, we offer quality services with a team of specialists.

BPK Tech is a custom-software development company having its headquarters in Minnetonka, MN, and branch offices in Canada and India. Backed by a proven track record of success, BPK Technologies has over 140+ customers across the world. We use Agile-methodology to run all our projects from sales, marketing, HR, development, and deployment.

The mission to provide value added software services to our customers was started in the year 2010 with a vision to influence businesses with technology like never before. The founder, Rajeev Bhatia spotted the challenges businesses were facing in this increasingly-dynamic business ecosystem. Enticed to eliminate the survival threats to the organization and help them become productive, Mr. Bhatia handpicked the best of bests from the industry to form a team of tech vets who now work round-the-clock to enable the realization of his vision.

Wanting to help his wife Jasmine Bhatia who is a dentist by profession, Rajeev invested time in understanding the intricasies of dentistry profession and was quick to learn the trick of the trade and started development tools and utilities that helped not just his practicing wife, but these products soon become a hit in the dental industry. With a large team of highly motivated engineers in India, US and Canada there is no looking back for Rajeev in achieving BPK’s vision.

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