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The core CXO team of BPK Tech having more than 100 years of collective software development experience and also having been part of the IT projects for dental industry in USA and Canada over the last decade, we make sure to future-proof your software projects for new-age customer demands. We are well acquainted with the strategies to turn great ideas into top-notch custom software products and let our custom software solutions work to supercharge your practices. Pick the right product offerings based on the need your practices currently have.

Our product offerings are mainly focused on the dental industry vertical. We cater to the needs a small dental practice as well as to a large DSO. Every customer needs are unique and important for us.

Dentistry Product Offerings

Core API

Your dental practice runs efficiently and optimally when you start measuring every aspect of your operations and financial numbers. The source of single truth for any practice is it’s Practice Management System (PMS). One of the most requested data from the PMS that practices would like to leverage are the various KPIs. Our flagship product which is the core to any other dentistry solutions to work is the CORE APIs. The data extracted from the PMS by the CORE API engine is leveraged in the data analytics, measuring operational efficiency and various other financial forecasting

KPI Dashboard

Whether you are managing a practice or managing a DSO, how wonderful would it be to have all the operational data at your finger tips which can be analyzed to plan yourself for the future growth of your practice?

Here comes the KPI Dashboard. One of the most popular product offerings from BPK. The dashboard provides data at a very high level to take strategic decisions that will have an org-wide deep impact for your practices.

The analyzed data is visualized with the help of charts, graphs and tables to take the right decision for your practice. The dashboard is highly configurable for each practice. The data you need and the way in which you need can also be tailored to your business need.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

One of the most laborious and resource intensive task that any practice has to go through is the insurance eligibility verification for each patients. The staffs at the Practice are overloaded with the insurance verification task which is highly manual and not automated. The manual verification is also prone to data entry errors. Most of the practices have also outsourced the work to developing nations to keep their costs down. One of our beta customers was pleasantly amazed to see a 78% reduction in manual work on insurance verification after they started using Insurance Eligibility Verification solution by BPK.

Revenue Cycle Management - Claims Tracker

Managing your practice’s revenue cycle is considered to be one of the toughest yet needs to be done accurately exercise. The heart of your practice is where you figure out your top line and bottom line. Hence practices give the utmost importance to keeping this one process in right order.

Managing multiple carriers, the Accounts Receivables (ARs) from the patients and the carriers can make you navigate through multiple screens on your PMS software. It would also require you to keep track of payment terms, dates and reminders for you to keep a close eye on these ARs.

Online Appointment System

Every Practice ensures they never miss a patient who could have been a potential customer only if someone at the clinic had not missed spotting one or even worse is where the patients are not even aware of your practices existence. How bad could this be for your practice?

Enter Online Appointment System for your practices. Sign up with just a simple set up, the world is your play field. You can have your patients new and the existing ones alike have access to your Dentists’ schedule, availability and various procedures provided by your clinic any time of the day or any day of the week 24×7!


HIPAA regulations for healthcare industry mandates the dental practices adhere to certain set of compliance.

BPK Tech Comply Cert product makes it easier with a checklist for your practice to be ready for your compliance audit or understand your compliance score before the audit so that you can ensure corrective measures.

The aim of the product is to ensure there is a history of compliance audit and action taken to re-mediate the audit findings.

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