Insurance Eligibility Verification

One of the most laborious and resource intensive task that any practice has to go through is the insurance eligibility verification for each patients. The staffs at the Practice are overloaded with the insurance verification task which is highly manual and not automated. The manual verification is also prone to data entry errors. Most of the practices have also outsourced the work to developing nations to keep their costs down.

One of our beta customers was pleasantly amazed to see a 78% reduction in manual work on insurance verification after they started using Insurance Eligibility Verification solution by BPK.

The solution automates the entire process of finding the patients who have appointments for today or any day in the future, extracts those patient’s detail from the PMS, Loops through the entire patient set one at a time and looks the insurance information in the insurance portal. Once all the data for a particular patient is collected from the insurance portal, it is directly written back on to the PMS using a BoT. The entire process takes less than 2 mins to complete for a single patient. Compare this with the manual effort currently put in by the front-desk person at the clinic.

The entire process ensure HIPAA compliance, credential management and data accuracy.

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